Friday, 16 April 2010

An Unusual End To The Week

For Ali the day started where yesterday ended, in the glasshouse pricking out the seedlings, this time joined by Joe. Some of the seeds sown on the 26th March, blog entry 'Seed Sowing' are now ready to be pricked out in to their 9 centimetre pots, and as more and more germinate at different speeds the pricking out will continue over the coming weeks.

Whilst Ali and Joe spent their day amongst the seedlings, Josh, Graham and Ady spent their day in the Provost's Garden spraying the weeds, that have emerged in recent weeks, with weedkiller before they too set seed and germinate in their thousands.
The day, however, finished unusually for Ali with a visit to the Little Foxes wildlife rescue centre. An injured Mallard had been found by a student in the college grounds, in need of some assistance, stunned and bleeding from an unknown source. Following a short car journey to the rescue centre, a bit of TLC from Penny Little, the founder of the charity, and an injection of antibiotics, the duck has now started to make a recovery.


  1. I am an old member (1975 - 1978)and brought my family to look round 3 weeks ago. The gardens are looking better than ever. Well done!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, we are pleased to hear you enjoyed the gardens. Regards, The Gardening Team.