Friday, 23 April 2010

Get The Water On!

Where are all the April showers? We have seen no rain since the Easter break and the college ground are very dry, everywhere is in need of some water. April is meant to be a wet month and there is little sign of our infamous April showers, so get the water on!
The hose pipes have been brought out of storage and the leaky hoses checked for leak's, of which were found to be full of holes, oh, they're supposed to be full of tiny holes. Anyway, they were found to have seven extra large holes which needed to be repaired.
Josh and Graham have been watering the lawns, which are drying out fast and the rest of the team are watering the 44 display pots and connecting up the the leaky hose irrigation system, with Ali constantly checking on the seedlings and plants in a very warm glasshouse.
Apparently, this warm April weather is being caused by a blocked area of high pressure over the north Atlantic, the same weather pattern that sent us the cloud of volcanic ash.
The first three weeks of the month the UK has had just half the average rainfall for April, so the team will continue to get the water on!

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