Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Three P's

Today our activities were focused in and around the glasshouse area, painting, potting up and pricking out, the 3 P's. The newly cleared out glasshouse, ready for a coat of paint, received due care and attention from Joe, helped later on in the day by Ady. Two coats of Dulux Ecosure Brilliant White paint and the renovation is almost complete, only Coolglass left to be painted on the glass, to be applied at a later date.

Outside Graham hosed off all the cold frame lids removing all the dirt and grime that had built up during winter storage.

Ady, before his stint with the paint brush, helped to fill up the cold frames with all the newly potted up plants, now being moved out of the hot glasshouses to harden off, toughening them up for the extremes of the British summer ahead.

Inside the glasshouse, Simon and Ali finished potting all the remaining cuttings passing them to Ady for storage in the cold frames.
You may have noticed that the third P, pricking out, has not been mentioned, well Simon and Ali got so carried away in the glasshouse that we ran out of time. The third P will now happen tomorrow.

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