Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring Has Sprung

The day time temperatures have soared and the garden is being filled with more and more colours as the trees, shrubs and bulbs react to the warmer days. According to experts, the chill that has delayed spring will bring the best magnolia displays in decades. As you walk from the front quad, through the first arch and out on to the Nuffield Lawn, I think the experts are going to right.

You are met by an amazing spectacle of Magnolia 'Iolanthe' whose display is the best we have ever seen. Numerous large, cup shaped rose-pink flowers, larger than my hand, some in bloom and some waiting to bust open, a truly magnificent sight.

Another plants responding to the warmer days are the Epimedium, found in the front quadrangle, in front of the cottages or on the edge of the tree fern glade. Epimediums will thrive happily in the deepest of shade, flowering in the spring, but in the winter will provide with wonderful burnished leaves.

The gardens are changing on a daily basis, so come and have a walk round or you may miss something spectacular. The sunny weather is holding so spring has well on truly arrived, the gardening team have removed two layers and are starting to warm up nicely.

The cherry tree on the Nuffield Lawn is also looking the best it has been for a number of years, the gentle winds are tempting the blossom to fall, so be quick, it's a must see.

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