Saturday, 10 April 2010

Potting Up

Greenhouse day today for Ali and Joe, potting up some of the cuttings taken in September. The warm weather is causing the cuttings, now young plants, to dry out very quickly, so it is time to move them into the next sized pot. The roots, restricted in the smaller pots, will be able to stretch out in the new pots and each plant will be moved out of the warm greenhouse in to a cooler one, they still have another six to eight weeks before they will be planted outside.

The seeds have germinated well and have been moved off the under heated unit and will be pricked out in to individual pots shortly.


  1. Thank you for your fine gardening and your cheerful, colorful, and informative blog. I check in regularly to see how the seasons are progressing, and to get inspiration from you.

  2. Thank you for you kind remarks, we are glad you like our blog and find inspiration from our activities. Regards The Gardening Team