Friday, 26 March 2010

Seed Sowing

With British Summer Time arriving at the weekend, it is time to sow our seeds for this summers colourful display. The peppers and tomatoes were sown in the middle of February and are ready to be pricked out, so now it is time to sow the annuals and perennials. Cosmos, Lobelia, Sweet Pea, Ricinus and Rudbeckia to name but a few, to name them all would give away our display for this year. Allison and Joe spent the day in the greenhouse and now have to wait to see how many germinate successfully.

A short walk from the greenhouse is the orchard, where the Daffodils have finally opened. The same daffodils had opened last year by the 16th March, so are some two weeks behind, see blog entry 'When All At Once I Saw A Crowd', they were well worth waiting for.

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