Friday, 12 March 2010

Ditch Clearing

This week has been a very busy week for the team, apart from finishing the apple and pear tree pruning in the orchard, a number of other jobs, not mentioned in earlier blog entries, have been done.
The lawns at the front of the college have been scarifyed and along with the quad lawn and the banks, have all been sprayed with a fungicide and fed with iron.
Work in the old greenhouse has continued and is now empty waiting for a new white wash over the inner brick work, leaf mould has been brought down from the top of the sports field ready to be dug into the tired soil.
Two benches have been removed from the grounds and left to dry in the sheds. Armed with sheets of sandpaper, these benches have been sanded down ready to be painted with a preservative.
The moving of Snowdrops and Aconites has continued and the seeds have started to be sown for our vegetables and summer display.
To end the week, the team finished emptying the ditch that surrounds the sports field. This job was started before Christmas, but due to the wet weather the leaves have had to be left in the ditch until they and the ditch had dried out.

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