Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I Am Not A Snowdrop

To the untrained eye I may look like a Snowdrop, be the same colour, of similar height and flower at the same time, but I am not a Snowdrop. I am a Snowflake, Leucojum vernum, white in colour with pendulous flowers, a more open flower with green spots on my petals tips.
I am a Snowdrop, 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' is my name. I am a very neat, delicate Snowdrop with lovely white double petticoats edged with green. My outer petals are long and I have two tiny green marks on my inner petals, on short 15 cm stems.
If you walk along the Broadwalk you will see us both, come, take a look, we won't be here for long.

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