Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gaudy 1966-70

Over the past two days the team have been extremely busy preparing for the first Gaudy of the year. For those of you who don't speak college speak, a Gaudy is a celebratory reunion feast or entertainment held at a college. This gaudy is for those matriculated, joining the college, between the years 1966-70, to be held this weekend. The next will be held on the 2nd October and will be for old members who joined 1958-59, 2002-03 and 1954 or earlier.

The herbaceous and tropical borders has been weeded, fed with Growmore a granular feed, forked over and edged. All the paths have been hoed and raked, and lawns mowed.

The gardens are now ready for the Gaudy, lets hope the weather holds as the clocks move forward one hour and announce the start of British Summer Time.

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