Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust property, well known for its spectacular gardens with something to see in each season, it is here that the gardeners have travelled for some inspiration. After a two hour drive to Cambridgeshire, it is the Winter Walk and the Winter Border that we have come to see, needing inspiration and ideas for our newly formed border in the college grounds.

The path winds itself through the rich colours for almost quarter of a mile, the borders containing some 150 species of plants all chosen specifically for their attractiveness in the winter. The sun is out and is illuminating the colours as we walk through.

There are too many plants too mention but we have plenty of choice to add to our new border to create a winter colour spectacular, on a smaller scale, at Worcester College. Huge drifts of Dogwood, Willow, Whitewashed Bramble and Mahonia, so many to choose from.
Anglesey Abbey is well worth a visit and a day enjoyed by all the team

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