Monday, 1 March 2010

First Day of Spring

We have been advised by all forms of the media that this winter has been the coldest in 31 years, since 1978/79, with the Met Office's records showing an average temperature of just 1.5C, that's 2.2C below the norm. However, today, the 1st of March, the daytime temperature has reached 10C and the gardeners have all taken their thick winter coats off. They have joined the butterflies, such as Brimstone and Peacock, seen for the first time this year, warming their newly formed wings in the sunshine along with daffodils that are beginning to open their flowers. Today must surely be the 1st day of spring.

The first day of spring also means a spring clean and for us this means clearing out the old greenhouse which, as the photos show, contains no plants, just rubbish or items wanting a new home. When cleared and the broken glass replaced it will be used to grow plants once again.

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