Monday, 29 March 2010

Forecast Rain

Someone must have forgotten to put their clocks forward as it still feels like winter outside, a very wet, windy, cold week has been forecast. The team are trying to occupy themselves by carrying out jobs inside or working outside between the breaks in the rain. Lucy and Ali have spent the day digging leaf mould/manure into the newly emptied greenhouse, one border down, one to go.
Kieron, Joe and Simon have started to cut out and remove the slabs down in the Gloucester House area to create another new border.

And as tradition states, the newest member of the team gets to be a bee for the morning in order to pollinate the peach flowers, buzzing noises were heard in the Peach House this morning as Joe did his best bee imitation, pollinating each flower with a small paint brush. Now we wait to see if he was a good bee and we get lots of peaches this year.

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