Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Extra Wires For the Climbers

If you are looking for a gardener over the coming weeks we can be found either at the top of a ladder or at the bottom, footing a ladder. Having started before Christmas, the numerous climbing plants in the college are still being pruned, some however require new wires to aid their climbing.
This week Graham and Ali have been pruning the many wisteria and roses that are found on the back of the 15th century cottages. Having reached the half way point, one of the wisteria needed some new wires put in place to attach a few last years strongest shoots.
Drill, rawl plugs, vine eyes, spirit level, turnbuckles, wire, pliers, wire cutters, extension lead and a transformer, the equipment used to attach three new wires to the wall along with a few hours of patience. If you need Ali and Graham over the next few days, just look for a ladder, the rest of the climbers still need to be pruned.

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