Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bury It

Now that an area of bamboo, shrubs and weeds has been cleared in the Provost's garden, the pipe for the watering system has been exposed and needs to be buried.

A trench, a foot and a half deep, is dug, although progress is slowed down by a number of very large roots from the old Beech tree. Finally, after 3 hours of digging, the trench is complete and the pipe is ready to be put in its new position.

Soil is put back in the trench up to the top of the pipe, it went back in a lot faster than it was taken out. A double layer of slate is placed on top of this, as well as a strip of red and white warning tape, hopefully preventing any damage to the pipe in the future. Having run out of time today, the remainder of the trench will be filled in tomorrow morning.

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