Monday, 16 January 2012

Constructing A French Drain

Today the team started the construction of a French drain at the back of the herbaceous border. Water has been penetrating the brickwork of the cottages causing the rooms to become damp, so a drain has got to be built.

The first task was to dig a ditch 3 feet deep and 50 feet long at the back of the border, but where to put the soil? The answer, to fill a large dip in the Nuffield lawn where a tree once stood. The turf is stripped and placed to one side, old rotten roots removed and the dip infilled.


  1. It's been 10 months already, and I presume that the French drain has been installed by now. But, what type of materials did you use for the pipes? I hope that you used PVC, so that it wouldn't corrode easily, especially since it has been installed underground.

    Althea Tumlin

    1. Hello Althea, the pipe used was PVC and can be seen in the blog entry on the 17th January 2012. The drain was constructed in just four days, blog entries 16th-19th Jan 2012. The rooms have remained dry throughout the wet summer so the drain is working. I hope this helps, thanks for your comment, regards Allison (Gardener)