Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Continuing Project

A few years ago the team began a project to rejuvenate the Canal Building borders. Slow progress has been made since the clearance of two of the borders which had been full of messy, overgrown shrubs, similar to that seen in the photograph above, the last untouched border.
Having cleared these borders, they have remained untouched by human hand, until today. With renewed vigour, following a restful holiday season, the team returned to the Canal Building to continue the project.
The soil, sticky, wet clay, is weeded and levelled before the hard digging started. In order to improve the drainage of the soil, a tonne of shingle was added and dug in. Next, to improve the soil's structure, leaf mould was dug in.
By the end of the day half of the digging had been completed and the team will return tomorrow to continue the project.

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