Monday, 30 January 2012

A Change Of Shape

As the snowdrops have emerged around the Beech, Yew and Hornbeam, it has come to our notice that we didn't get the shape quite right when we put the mulch down. Ali and Callum spent the morning moving and adding more mulch to cover all the emerging snowdrops, all we have to do is remember this new shape for next year.

Also requiring a change of shape this year is the rose in the herbaceous border. Rather than use a wooden frame to tie in this years stems, Ali decided to train this rose the Sissinghurst way. If the stems of the rose are put under pressure by bending and stressing them, the rose will flower more prolifically, it is thought the plant thinks it is going to die so needs to produce more flowers i.e seeds to survive. The old stems, last years flowering stems, have been removed and the new stems, also called canes, have been bent over and clipped to the ground creating a new shape and hopefully an abundance of flowers. When the team come to make the plants supports in March, Hazel arches will be added to support all the summer growth in order to stop it toppling over.

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