Thursday, 5 January 2012

Digging, A New Edge,Twigs, Sticks and Ladders

The second, and largest border was completed in the morning, dug and levelled, ready for planting once it has settled, but things had not gone to plan.
Originally, when the team went to start digging the borders yesterday, the job should have been fairly straight forward, add shingle and leaf mould to the soil, no such luck, the old wooden edging had rotted and needed replacing. Ady, assisted by Callum, managed to find enough wood to create a new edge.
Over on the Nuffield Lawn, Joss spent the morning collecting all the twigs, sticks and branches that have fallen from the trees during the strong winds of the last few days.
By lunch time, a large pile of wood had been taken to the chipper ready for chipping, the lawn, now clear, can be mowed tomorrow as, due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, is in need of a high cut.
The ladders were brought back out today to continue working on the climbers, the pruning of which started last year, and will continue for the next month.

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