Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mulch, Mulch, Glorious Mulch

Now that the hebaceous border has been titivated, a top coat of mulch is added to finish. Mulch helps to conserve soil moisture, blocks weeds from growing and the dark colour makes the border more attractive.
The mulch consists of rotted down leaves, hebaceous material, and grass cuttings collected over the previous 12 months from the college grounds as well as shredded paper from the offices.
The New Holland tractor
with the front grap is
used to collect the
mulch from one of the
many leaf pits
situated around the
college grounds.
Once the trailor
is filled, it is
transported to the
border and
forked into
These trugs are then poured onto the border around the newly emerging plants.

For the entire border, three trailor loads of mulch were used to give that lovely finishing touch.

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