Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's Official!

It's official, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Friday 20th March is the first official day of Spring. A day the gardeners have been waiting for, and, boy, what a wonderful week it has been. Temperatures averaging twelve degrees and the many clothing layers have slowly been peeled away like butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. The newly emerging seedlings are growing at a rapid rate as the temperature has risen in the greenhouse and the pricking out will soon begin in earnest.

The herbaceous
border is coming alive,
fresh green tips
announcing their
emerging from
below. The soil
warming up in
the sun, forked
over to let the
air in and
a light sprinkling
of Growmore
added to feed
the hungry

Over crowded plants are being divided and the old tired parts added to the compost pile, leaving the new vigorous parts to continue to grow. Plants are also moved in the hope to create a better display this year.

The grass has begun to grow and the mowing increased. Another first, on the first day of Spring, is Lucy on the ride on mower. No stopping her now!

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