Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Life's a Peach

Ah it's that time of year again, the birds are tweeting, the sun is shining (just!) and the trees are blossoming. Well, the peach trees that is. Now they are in flower, they are less susceptible to peach leaf curl, and so it is safe to prune them! This task I (Lulabelle) volunteered for, their previous years unruly growth, I was desperate to tame.

So secateurs and a saw in hand I headed for the peach house, along with Simon to ensure I did not get too ruthless in there. Quite a satisfying job, neatening it all up and tying in the lateral growth to the wires on the wall, we will be eagerly awaiting any fruit that should develop from the remaining blossom. I did my bit and buzzed around in there with a small paintbrush, emulating a bumble bee, sounds and all, going from flower to flower fertilizing the blooms. So if we can successfully protect the glasshouse from those rogue greedy squiggly squirrels, come the summer, life will be pretty peachy.

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