Saturday, 28 March 2009

Greenhouse Day

It's Friday and it's Greenhouse Day. Lucy, Mick and Ali have been waiting for a rainy day so they can get into the greenhouse, but the weather has not gone to plan. Rainy days mean the gardeners retire to dry, warm conditions, rather than outside, but we can wait no longer as the seedlings need our help. All the Annual seeds sown in January and Perennial seeds sown in October now require pricking out and putting into individual pots.

Evergreen cuttings, also taken in September, need their own pots too. Along with the cuttings mentioned in an early blog entry, these will be used to create our Summer plant displays within the college grounds.

Next step, after potting up the hundred or so cuttings and seedlings, it is time to sow some more. Within the next month it will be Greenhouse Day again and then, maybe, the rain will come, as it is alot cooler working in the greenhouse when it is grey outside.

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