Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Circle of Life

Back in September 2008 the gardening team took over 200 cuttings from plants around the Worcester College gardens. These cuttings, once successfully rooted, were potted into individual flower pots where they remained in the warm greenhouse over the Winter period.
As the heated greenhouse becomes full and the plants bigger, space then becomes a serious issue. Plants are then moved from this greenhouse, less tender plants at first, to the newly prepared, less warm, peach house.
There they will stay for about a month to acclimatise to their new conditions, when they are then moved to the cold frames. Their space is quickly replaced by the more tender plants that have had the extra time in the warm greenhouse.

The cold frames will slowly fill up over the next few months until the end of May when all the plants will be used out in the college gardens. September will soon be upon us and the whole process will begin again.

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