Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Banks

The cutting of the banks is a team event, today Josh, Simon, Lucy and Ali were involved. Last year the turf on the banks was replaced with Crested Hairgrass Turf (Koeleria macrantha), which has a very slow growth rate, and it is hoped this will reduce the number of times mowing is required.
A Flymo on ropes is used to mow the banks, with a petrol mower being used to cut the bottom, which can not be reached by the Flymo. All of the banks then have to be edged.
Lastly, the banks are swept down with a Besom as the Flymo can not collect the grass ,which is left laying on the turf. All the paths and steps are also swept clean.
The new Crested Hairgrass produces an extremely dense turf and an attractive colour, which is maintained throughout the year.

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