Friday, 1 April 2016

Zinnia, The First Seedlings To Be Pricked Out

A Full Propagation Unit

The seeds sown on the 9th March, see blog entry 'Seed Sowing 2016', have been germinating and some, the Zinna, already have their first true leaves meaning it is time to prick them out. 

Ready For Pricking Out

The three pots of young Zinnia seedlings, 'Polar Bear', 'Purple Prince' and 'Super Yoga Orange' are removed from the propagation unit and taken to the potting bench. 

Young Zinnia Seedling

Working on one pot at a time, the contents of which must be kept separate so as not to mix up the colours, are carefully tapped out before the seedlings are gently separated from their neighbour. Each seedling is handled carefully, using the seed leaf to lower it carefully in to a small flower pot (7cmx7cmx8cm) filled with multi-purpose compost and gently firmed in. 

Pricked Out And Potted Up

Zinnia 'Polar Bear'

The seedlings, pricked out and potted up, are given a watering and then placed out on to the staging. These 61 young plants will be planted out in June and be part of this year's summer display. 

61 Young Zinnia Plants

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