Monday, 18 April 2016

A New Path To The Fellow's Garden

The Slope And The Concrete

Last month a new border was created along two sides of the Besse Building, see blog entry 11th March 'Tanalised Easy Edge Timber and Ilex Aquafolium Alaska'. Last week the work on the path around it began culminating, today, with the new section that leads to the Fellow's Garden. First the problem of the slope had to be solved which resulted in a retaining wall, on the right side, being built to support the path. The large piece of concrete by the door was also an obstacle so it was broken up and the debris used as the new path's hardcore base.

Building The Retaining Wall

Breaking Up The Old Path

The tine muck grab attachment on the New Holland tractor was used to break up the old path, the sharp tines digging in to the surface.

The Old Path Broken Up

With the old path loosened and the hardcore base in place several tonnes of hoggin was spread over the top and raked to form a camber.   


Using a wacker plate the newly laid hoggin was compacted to create a smooth surface, the vibrating plate compressing the new hoggin in to the old path below, binding the two together.

The New Path


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