Thursday, 28 April 2016

Hazel Binding The Front Of The Woodland Border

Brittle Broken Hazel Binders

It is three years since the hazel binding was replaced in front of the first section of the border on the Broadwalk, see blog entry for 22nd March 2013 'Weaving Hazel On The Broadwalk'. The hazel binders only last three to four years before they become very brittle and start to break up in to pieces.

Old Hazel Binders And Stakes

Hazel Binders

Fresh lengths of hazel, 8 to 10 foot in length, were acquired from Harcourt Arboretum and stakes made from pieces hazel and birch not used in the making of the plant supports on the herbaceous border.  

Hazel And Birch Stakes

All the old hazel binders were removed from the front of the border and then the old stakes were removed and replaced with the new ones.

The long hazel binders were then carefully woven between the stakes, in front-behind-in front-behind, creating a natural looking edge along the woodland border. This section will be replaced in three years, spring 2019!

A New Edge

Natural Edge In Front Of The Woodland Border

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