Friday, 22 April 2016

Aluminium Plant Labels

Labelling Kit

When new specimen plants are planted out in the garden a plant label is usually produced to identify it. The aluminium labels, Professional Alitags, come in several different shapes and sizes, three of which are used in the gardens, Victorian Hanging (1 hole),  8" x 3/4" Label and Edwardian Stem. The label is placed in the jig, clamped in to position and using the character punches the letters are tapped in to the surface.  

Label In The Jig

One of the labels produced today was for the recently planted Japanese Alpine Cherry, Prunus nipponica 'Brilliant' which is covered in small pale pink, almost white flowers and can be found beside the large magnolia on the Nuffield Lawn. 

Victorian Hanging (1 hole) Label

Prunus nipponica 'Brilliant'

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