Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Deadheading Daffodil Flowers

Brown, Spent Flowers and Seed Pods

The flowers on the daffodils have faded and some have already started to develop a seed pod. In the mixed bulb area on the Nuffield Lawn the dead heads on the daffodils need to be removed. The reason for this removal is not just to prevent them from putting all their energy in to producing seed rather than in to root and leaf growth but also for aesthetic purposes. With the Tulip 'Jan Reus', Tulip 'Queen of the Night' and Camassia leichtlinii flowering later than the daffodils the removal of the brown, spent flowers allows their colourful heads to be seen clearly and unimpeded.  

Dead Heads

The removal of the heads is quick and easy, using the thumb and forefinger to pinch them off just below the spent flower or seed pod.

Deadheaded Daffodils

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