Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tree Watering Bags

Tree Watering Bag

Since last December the team have planted 17 trees in the gardens that all need regular watering. Following a recommendation, 10 bags have been purchased to assist in their watering, once filled they can be left to release water slowly to the tree roots over several hours.



The bag is wrapped around the trunk and the sides zipped up to complete the 'skirt'. For larger trees bags can be zipped together to increase the volume of water applied to the roots. Each bag has an inner pocket which is filled with up to 75 litres of water.

Filling Up With Water

The trees that were near a water source had their bags filled using a hose but others further away had to be filled with several watering cans full of water. When the pocket is a quarter full, using the handles at the top, the bag is carefully lifted a few inches off the ground to allow the water to expand in to all the creases and folds. Placing the bag gently back down on the ground the filling continued until sufficient water has been added. The water slowly drips through the holes in the base of the bag evenly distributing the water to the roots. These bags haven't been used in the gardens before but seem to be a very efficient way to water newly planted trees.   

Five Trees, Five Bags


  1. Looks a good idea boys - as long it does not stay there too long!

    1. Hi Roger. Very pleased with the simplicity of these bags, 17 new trees and only 10 bags so going to have to move them. Best regards Ali