Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lawnmower Demo 'Allett RM 34 Stadium Mower'

Today the team were treated to a demonstration of the new wide area rotary mower, the 'Allett RM 34 Stadium Mower'. Developed in conjunction with leading groundsmen and launched at the SALTEX (Sports Amenities Landscaping Trade Exhibition) 2014, its 223cc Briggs and Stratton® 950E vertical crankshaft engine powers two 18" high lift, contra rotating blades that can be adjusted for a cutting height of between 15-75mm.

With a five speed gearbox the drive speed can be controlled by the user, some of the team preferred 3rd gear and some 5th (and a lot faster!).

A large 34" cutting width and a 3 piece steel, full width rear roller creates a good size stripe on the lawn. The overall result, a good quality cut from a mower that is light and easy to manoeuvre.  


  1. A lovely new toy. Five gears Wow!

    1. Hi Roger, it had to go back but we are getting it for a two week trial period in March. I only managed to use it in 3rd gear but Joss, the grass expect, managed 5th gear no problem! Regards Ali

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