Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Disturbing A Hibernating Toad

The deciduous ornamental grasses in the Canal Building borders now look like straw and need to be cut back hard to ground level before the new growth begins in the Spring. As there are so many of them, a hedge cutter is used to expedite the process with the cut down stems being raked off the border on to the paving. 

As the stems were raked a movement was spotted amongst the leaf litter, a hibernating toad! The toad, having survived a hedge cutter and a rake, seemed unperturbed by the whole process.

Hibernating Toad

Unharmed, it sat for a while watching the goings on around it. After about an hour it decided to go back underneath the leaves to continue its sleep.

I'm Watching You!

Going Back To Sleep, But I Can Still See You

Once all the cut down grass had been taken to the compost heap, a wood chip mulch was put on to the border, with particular care taken when covering the area the toad was hibernating in.

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