Friday, 12 February 2016

Laurel And Shrub Clearance Update

(Before) 25th January 2016

Three weeks after the project began all the large laurel and overgrown shrubs have been cleared from path on the north side of the college. All the ivy, weeds and ground cover have also been carefully removed. The large stumps that are still protruding from the soil will be ground out next week and the soil levelled in preparation for grass seed. For years the path has been very dark and, at night, rather eerie to walk along but the removal of all the shrubs allows the light to flood in, now more scary shadows. This project has received many positive comments from staff and students who now enjoy their walk along the path and the new, unobscured view across the sports field to the lake.

(After) 12th February 2016
Unobscured View Across The Sports Field

View To The New Nazrin Shah Building (Under Construction)

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