Monday, 22 February 2016

Tidying Up The Margins

Untidy Margins

The dead and dying foliage of the marginal planting beside the weir has collapsed and is ready to be cut down to ground level.

Willow Fencing

Before the cutting down can proceed the temporary willow fence, created last year to prevent the Canada Geese from leaving the water and waddling in to the Provost's garden, needed to be removed. To see the willow fencing refer to blog entry 18th March 2015 'Willow Weaving A Goose Proof Fence, A Flower, Fish, Dragonfly and An Igloo'.

Rooted Willow

However, the fence would have been easier to remove had the pieces of willow not rooted in to the wet, clay soil. Once they had all been dug out or pulled up the cutting down began.

Cutting Down The Dead And Dying Foliage

Using the long reach hedge cutter the foliage was cut down, cleared from the waters edge using a spring rake and then given a final, closer cut.

A Clear Waters Edge
Scooping Up The Pond Weed

With the improved accessibility to the water's edge the pond weed on the surface was scooped off. 

A View To The Bridge

The finishing touch, a layer of wood chip over the cut down marginal planting and, before it all regrows, a clear view through to the Provost's garden.

A Clear View

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