Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wrapping Banana Plants During The Tail End Of Storm Barney

The tail end of Storm Barney did its best to hinder the team as they wrapped up the banana plants in preparation for the forecast freezing temperatures due this weekend.

The first layer of protection is from their large leaves as they are folded down and tied around the trunk.

Horticultural fleece is then wrapped around the leaf covered trunk and tied in place with string. However, with the tail end of Storm Barney still blowing strong gusts across the gardens, the fleece is hard to control and manoeuvre around the banana plants. 

Eventually, after a number of unsuccessful attempts by Storm Barney to blow the fleece out of the gardener's hands, all the banana plants are wrapped and ready for the cold weather to arrive. Tomorrow a thick mulch will be added around the base of the plants to protect their roots. 

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