Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Blooms Are Fading And The Foliage Is Dying Back

Herbaceous Border (L) Before

On the herbaceous border the blooms are fading and the foliage is dying back signalling that it is time to remove all the annuals and cut the perennials back. 

Herbaceous Border (R) Before

Birch Basket Support

Before the border can be cut back all the wooden supports that were made seven months ago, see blog entry 30th April 'Birch Plant Supports', need to be removed. The birch baskets and hazel stakes  are taken to the chipper pile for chipping and the bamboo canes to the wood store for future use. 

Off To The Chipper And Wood Store

Cutting Down and Raking

Yesterday all the supports were removed so the cut down and tidy up could begin first thing this morning. Working together, all the team were involved cutting down the perennials with hedge cutters, raking off the debris and blowing off the leaves from the border, loading the debris and leaves in to the trailer and transporting it all to the compost heap. 

Cutting Down

Blowing Off The Leaves

Debris and Leaves

Compost Heap

Herbaceous Border (L) After
Tomorrow some of perennial plants will lifted, split and re-planted or moved to other areas of the border as well as a further 200 tulip bulbs being planted.(A mix of 50 'Black Hero', 50 Black Parrot and 100 Shirley).  Next week the border will be mulched with leaf mould.

Herbaceous Border (R) After

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