Monday, 23 November 2015

Applying A Dark, Crumbly Leaf Mould Mulch

Mixing The Leaves, Grass and Herbaceous Material

The leaf mould that is applied as a mulch on the borders during the autumn has been slowly maturing over the last 12 months. Consisting of leaves, grass cuttings and herbaceous material from last year, 2014, that have been mixed and turned every month and allowed to rot down, it has now formed a dark, crumbly mix perfect to top dress the herbaceous border. (This year's leaves, grass and herbaceous material will form the leaf mould used in the autumn of 2016).

Leaf Mould


Using the New Holland tractor with the grab attachment, Ady loads the leaf mould in to the trailer for transporting to the border.


The leaf mould is unloaded in to wheel barrows and tipped on to the border and levelled over the surface with a garden fork.


Herbaceous Border (L)

After a day of loading, unloading, tipping and spreading the herbaceous border has been dressed.

Herbaceous Border (R)

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