Friday, 6 November 2015

A Week Of Heavy Leaf Fall

This week the team have been focused on clearing up the daily leaf fall, as the saying goes 'It's like painting the forth bridge', as soon as they have finished doing it they have to start all over again!

Before the clearance on the Nuffield Lawn can begin, using a leaf blower, the leaves are blown away from the base of the tree trunks, from any large roots that protrude through the grass and from the edge of the tree circles. The leaves are are also blown from the path on to the lawn.  

With all the blowing finished the ride-on Iseki mower is used to clear the lawn. The high speed spinning of the blades within the cutting deck creates a powerful suction, hoovering and cutting up the leaves as it passes over them. 

Over on The Broadwalk it is a more manual process, leaf rakes and leaf grabbers

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