Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Five Oak Containers All In A Row

Border At The Bottom Of The Quad (October)

With October and November being unseasonably warm this year the summer bedding displays have been left in the borders and containers longer than in previous years. Last week the display in the border at the bottom of the quad was ripped out and prepared for the planting of the Wallflowers. 

Planted Up With Wallflower 'Treasure Primrose'

Yesterday 230 Wallflower 'Treasure Primrose' were planted. This is the first time the 'Treasure' variety of Wallflower has been used in the college gardens, chosen for its long flowering period autumn, winter and spring.

Summer Display

Today the team turned their attention to changing the display in the containers of the Besse Building courtyard (The Provost's Yard).

Clearing Out Display

All the plants were carefully dug out, the salvia and some of the Anisodontea were taken to the greenhouse and re-potted in to individual pots, the rest of the plants taken to the compost heap.

On The Move

Before the containers were planted up with the winter display they were moved to their new positions, from the side of the courtyard in to the centre in a line rather than a central grouping, five oak containers all in a row.

Re-Planting For Winter

The new planting for this winter is as follows:
Small containers x 2, Phormium 'Bronze Baby', Skimmia japonica 'Foremanii' (syn. Veitchii) (Female), Pansy Cool Wave 'Berries N Cream Mixed'.
Medium containers x 2, Laurus nobilis (Bay), Phormium cookianum 'Tricolor', Pansy Cool Wave 'Berries N Cream Mixed'.
Large container x 1, Laurus nobilis (Bay), Viburnum tinus, Hedera algeriensis 'Gloire De Marengo' (Ivy).

Winter Dispay

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