Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The First Cuttings, 'Pelargonium Clorinda'

Quad Border
Container Display

A favourite plant of the team, used in many of the college border and container displays, is a large flowered, deep pink pelargonium called 'Clorinda'. With the mornings getting colder and before the first autumn frosts, Ali starts taking cuttings of the tender plants beginning with this pelargonium.

Collected in her new cuttings bag, Thank You Crystal, Ali takes 60 cuttings, choosing healthy shoots from the display plants carefully cutting above a leaf joint.  

Back in the greenhouse, using a sharp, clean knife, Ali prepares the cuttings. First a straight cut  is made below a leaf node then removes the lower leaves and stipules from the stem, dips the cut end in to hormone rooting powder, places three around the inner edge of a 7x7x8cm pot filled with a multipurpose compost/John Innes mix and waters them in. A further 140 cuttings will be taken of other tender pelargoinum from the gardens but none as many as from this favourite. 

Pelargonium 'Clorinda' cuttings

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