Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Reshaping The Beech Hedge

The Beech hedge in the Provost's garden has been left to grow unchecked over the last few years and is now in need of a reshape. During the first few years after planting the long growing, vertical shoots were cut back to encourage branching and create a dense, low level hedge. However this annual maintenance programme lapsed and the hedge has grown too high, so much so that a ladder is now needed in order to reach the top. 

Working their way along the hedge, Simon and Ali cut off the thick top growth and lightly tipped back the side shoots. The shape of the hedge is low at both ends raising to a high point in the middle.

All the removed material was put through the chipper and then spread around the hedge as a mulch. 

The Reshaped Beech Hedge


  1. I am just about to do the same thing for my neighbour this morning!
    I can't equate your last picture with the rest of the story

    1. Hi Roger. Thanks for the comment and good luck with reshaping your neighbours hedge. Have changed the last photo on the blog entry, think it shows the new shape alot better than the other one. Ali