Friday, 11 September 2015

A New Louvre Panel Racking System

Sometimes jobs that the gardeners undertake start out being small and simply balloon in to something much larger than first thought. One such task was the replacement of the old, broken, wall mounted racking system with a new louvre panel system. A simple task, remove the old one from the wall and put the new one up. But once the shed that housed the rack had been emptied and the rack removed the job became much more complex, maybe board the walls and roof whilst the shed was clear!

This, originally small task, began 24th August with the clearing out of the shed then continued throughout the week, cutting 20mm and 10mm plywood for the walls and roof respectively and fixing them in place.

Skirting boards were also made from the 20mm plywood and given a bevelled edge before fixing them in place to cover the gap between the floor and the wall.

At the end of the week the new wooden interior was given a coat of wood primer before being allowed to dry over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Returning from the long weekend a second coat, the undercoat was applied over the primer and, once dry, a third and final coat applied.

Next the floor, three coats of floor paint applied during the next four days, taking this 'small' task in to three weeks in total.

Ready For The New Racking System
New Louvre Panel Racking System

All the paint is now dry and the new louvre panel racking system has been put in place, as the old adage goes "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well". All that remains to be done is the filling of the boxes on the rack, the shelving filled and the new tool hooks put up on the wall opposite. A job well done Simon, Danny and Kieron.

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