Friday, 4 September 2015

Pansy Cool Wave 'Pastel Mixed' and 'Berries N Cream Mixed'

The last of the plug plants arrived from Ball Colegrave yesterday afternoon and, after giving them a drink of water following their journey to the college in a cardboard box, they spent the night in the large greenhouse ready for potting up.

Overnight the pansies had perked up so the task this morning was to pot up the 208 plugs by lunch time. This year's chosen varieties are Pansy Cool Wave 'Pastel Mixed' and Pansy Cool Wave 'Berries N Cream Mixed'

Each plug is gently pushed out from its module and potted in to a 7x7x8cm flower pot containing a multipurpose compost/John Innes mix. The compost is firmed gently around the plug, the pot placed in a tray and, when the tray is full, are all watered. The full trays are placed out in to the cold frames where they will remain until October when they will be planted out to form part of the winter/spring displays.

104 Pansy Cool Wave Pastel Mixed

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