Monday, 14 September 2015

Scaffolding, A Huge Structure Dwarfing The Border Below

Herbaceous border

The herbaceous border is turning in to its autumn phase with the warm, earthy colours becoming more dominant. 

Plants Covering The Path

However, the border is in need of some adjustments due to the arrival of a large amount of scaffolding that will be erected behind it. Last week, 3rd September, in preparation for the scaffolding, an access route had to be created through the border by removing the plants that had grown over the path. 

Plants Removed And The Path Is Revealed

The Path At The Rear Is Emerging

Once behind the border Ali, Kieron and Simon continued to cut back the perennials at the rear as well as reducing the depth of the wisteria on the wall and removing it from around the windows. 

A Clear Path

Before The Scaffolding
On Friday the scaffolding finally began to be erected with a further two access paths having to be cut through the border.

Scaffolding Over The Clear Path

By Saturday afternoon the erecting of the scaffolding had been completed, a huge structure dwarfing the border below. It will remain in place for the next two to three weeks as all the window frames and gables are repaired and then painted. 

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  1. Looks pretty awesome the aluminum scaffold, and helps a lot with the security for us