Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Completion Of 'Project Chicken'

The chickens have settled in well in a corner of the Provost's garden, but the team still had some more work to do to complete the project started on the 20th February, see blog entry 'Preparing For The Chickens'. Joss and Kieron went in to the garden first this week to put in the new iron edging, and to work out the new shape that would work best for the corner.

Ady, Graham and Callum joined them the next day to clear out a few more old shrubs at the back of the chicken area and, once cleared, a few more trailer loads of wood chippings were spread over the extension..

With the work at the back of the chickens completed yesterday, Joss returned, this time with Callum, to prepare the ground in front of the new iron edging for the sowing of grass seed. Top soil was spread over the area, levelled and, by the end of the day, the seed had been sown and the area roped off until the grass has grown.

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