Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Improving The Light Levels

With some of the young plants now occupying the old, unheated peach house, the natural light levels which play a crucial role in plant growth, need to be improved. (The photograph above does make the peach house look well ventilated, this is not due to missing panes of glass but new panes that have been installed and not yet been painted with 'Coolglass'.)

The roof, covered in dirt, mess and other horrible, unidentified crusted material, needed to be power washed off. After an hour, Ali had managed to remove the grime and, with a sparkling clean roof, the plants should grow well until they are moved to their next home in the cold frames.


  1. gosh that greenhouse is well ventilated. Good to see it well used!

    1. Hi Roger. It does look well ventilated but what looks like missing panes of glass are infact glass that has been replaced but not yet been painted with 'Coolglass. I love the fact that it is used, hate to see a glasshouse derelict and unloved. Regards Ali