Friday, 12 April 2013

Spring Cleaning The Tomato House

Back in March 2010, see blog entry 'First Day Of Spring', the restoration project of the tomato house began with the clearing out of all the rubbish that had been stored in it. By the end of March all the rubbish was gone and, following a clean and the single digging of the two borders, see blog entry 'Now The Digging Is Done', the tomato house was ready for use. Three years have now passed since it was first used again and they have been very productive years, a huge numbers of cucumbers and tomatoes have been consumed by the team during the past three summers. As can be seen by the next two photographs, the glass and walls are again in need of a clean, so Ali, in her waterproofs, wellington boots, goggles and ear defenders spent the morning power washing all the grime off.


By lunch time Ali had finished the power washing, the grime was no longer on the glass and walls but all over her, good job she had her protective clothing on! This year the sun will now be able to shine through the clean glass and, hopefully, it will be another very productive year.

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