Monday, 22 April 2013

From Greenhouse To Peach House To Cold Frames

Both the greenhouse and peach house are full again, so space has to be made before any more of the seedlings can be pricked out into their individual pots.

Those plants that were moved into the peach house on the 9th April, see blog entry 'On The Move', have had sufficient time to become acclimatised to the lower temperatures and can now be moved into the cold frames. The space they leave behind is quickly filled by the remainder of September's cuttings that are now young, strong plants and still in the heated greenhouse, their 'Hardening Off' now begins.

By the end of the day, one section of the cold frame is full and the lids have been put in place to protect the plants from any frosts that may still occur. In a few weeks the plants in the peach house, that have been moved in there today, will take their place in the next section of the cold frame, where they will remain until they are planted out in June.

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