Tuesday, 9 April 2013

On The Move

The greenhouse is now full, not an inch of space left, which is causing a problem as some of the seeds have now germinated and need pricking out. To create space the cuttings taken last September must be moved into the old, unheated peach house for the start of  'hardening off', the toughening up of plants to acclimatise them to the cooler outside temperatures.

The cuttings, repotted in January, are moved to larger pots, the last time before they are planted out into the garden in June

The plants are then taken to the peach house and laid out on the staging until it is full. When the heated greenhouse becomes full again, as the seeds are pricked out, these plants will be moved out of the peach house into the cold frames and replaced by more of the plants that have been repotted today. By the end of May the greenhouse, peach house and cold frames will be full to bursting.

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