Monday, 9 February 2009

We'll Get There In The End...

Slow start to the day for me (Lulabelle) as I missed the bloody train, damn thing was in the station and waiting but had locked the doors and the miserable git of a stationmaster/bloke would not let me on!!! into work eventually, and the first task of the day was to work with Flossy to put up some brackets for ladder storage, a nice simple job to get us started...little did we know that it would take us up to lunchtime to complete the task! Spent the morning looking for screwdrivers and drillbits until Simon very kindly pointed us in the right direction. We finally got the ladder up in position nicely, thanks to Ady who helped with a bit of manpower to get the damn screws in when the electric one failed!!

After lunch we waited around in the drizzle and mizzle for a delivery of some oak planters to go in the Provost's Yard, and they were worth the wait!! Fantastic range of three sizes, some big enough to be able to keep Koy Carp in them, iI jest ye not! They are going to look sooooo good when we plant them up for summer.
Ali looks pleased anyway!
That was the highlight of the day to be honest, except of course for Simon's sculpture work with a chainsaw on a wizened twisted tree stump by the lake. While we were there marvelling at the artistry, I spotted our little fledgling duckies waddling by... (not so little now!)

Our little waddling friends, originally 12 but now 10 in all, including: Tufty, Crispy, Tiny & Jemima.

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